Study option Tourism and Health is intended for students who are interested in the study of prevention within healthcare and tourism. The contemporary tourism trends are increasingly based on the demand for health services in a variety of accommodation facilities and enterprises. Due to progressively tighter connections between tourism as a phenomenon and health both in inbound and outbound tourism areas, there is generation of selective forms of health tourism. The cause of the expansion of health tourism is hectic way of life that involves excessive commitments in personal and business life.

The aim of this study option is to provide students with the necessary and contemporary knowledge of international health management, holistic medicine, geography, health and tourism. Special attention is paid to the supply creation and demand analysis in health tourism and tourism businesses.

This option includes field work and internship at spas and spa hotels, rehabilitation centres and specialized accommodation facilities for the prevention and recovery, as well as at hotel complex with spa centres.

Students who complete this degree program are awarded the title of a graduate economist.

The total list of courses this study option consists of corresponds to the one which can be seen within general Tourism and hospitality study programme, except for those courses this study option is characterized by in order to relate your interest to relevant fields of study. The choice of the study option incorporates the following courses:

E2 Geography of health
E5 Holistic medicine
E7 International health management