Study option Tourism and leisure is intended for students who are interested in studying the theoretical and practical aspects of economic valorisation of leisure time. The emphasis is on the acquisition of skills and knowledge about how a complex system of tourism supply operates, which meets the needs and motivations of tourists as a result of his/her needs for expected experience.

Through courses Education and recreation in tourism and Event organisation and management, numerous activities of tourists, resulting from their hobbies which brought them to the destination or facility, are analyzed with the primary purpose of tourist spending increase and meeting tourists’ needs. This study option includes field work in protected areas, national parks and tourism areas where recreation is an important motive. Also, students are focused on writing project proposals aimed at organization of tourist events during the summer and winter semesters.

The internship is carried out in the following institutions: national parks, tourist organizations, non-governmental organizations implementing projects in the field of tourism and environmental protection, companies specialized inevent organization.

Students who complete this degree program are awarded the title of a graduate economist.

The total list of courses this study option consists of corresponds to the one which can be seen within general Tourism and hospitality study programme, except for those courses this study option is characterized by in order to relate your interest to relevant fields of study. The choice of the study option incorporates the following courses:

E2 Organizational behaviour
E5 Education and recreation in tourism
E7 Event organisation and management