Study option Hotel, Resort and SPA Management is intended for students who are interested in studying theoretical and practical aspects of hotel operations in various destinations with a focus on resorts and spa management.

After completion of undergraduate studies students will:

  • understand the definitions and theories of holistic health, wellness and health tourism,
  • be familiar with the procedure of opening and registration of activities related to hotel and health tourism;
  • be able to develop a business idea and an investment plan for a hotel and spa facility;
  • be able to make projections of revenues and expenses, record and introduce financial control and conduct analysis at different stages of hotel and spa business operations and development;
  • be able to maximize revenues and minimize costs of hotel and spa facilities;
  • be able to plan and organize work in hotels, be knowledgeable about the legal framework in respect to employment; conduct meetings, motivate colleagues, report to a superior;
  • be able to define, implement and monitor standards of service quality and service range as a whole;
  • be able to manage assets and equipment;
  • be skilful to effectively communicate with customers, business partners and associates;
  • have the knowledge of technical and technological expert and business processes, programmes and services at a spa facility.

This study option includes field work and internship at hotels at home and abroad, spas operating as a hotel unit or independently, specialized companies and organizations in wellness and spa sector.

Students who complete this degree program are awarded the title of a graduate economist.

The total list of courses this study option consists of corresponds to the one which can be seen within general Tourism and hospitality study programme, except for those courses this study option is characterized by in order to relate your interest to relevant fields of study. The choice of the study option incorporates the following courses:

E2 Hospitality softwares
E5 Digital tourism
E7 Resort and SPA managment