U okviru Erasmus+ projekta mobilnosti koji Fakultet zdravstvenih, pravnih i poslovnih studija realizuje sa partnerskim Univerzitetom u Mariboru, Slovenija, naš student III godine na studijskom programu Poslovna informatika, Milan Grujičić, provodi tekući semestar u Sloveniji. Pročitajte tekst koji nam je iz Maribora poslao o svom Erasmus+ iskustvu.





My Erasmus+ Life: Milan, live from Slovenia


In the first semester of 2016, I began an experience which I thought would be the biggest challenge of my life: going to another country, alone, to study. But, by the time I got here to the University of Maribor, Slovenia, I also realized that it would be the best experience I have ever had. The Erasmus+ programme provides students not just with the opportunity to study abroad, but the chance to improve yourself as a person.I am living in a dormitory, with other students, from all over the world, it is nothing compared to a five stars hotel, but as a student, I do not need more than a bed and a toilet. I have everything that I need in order to live here. The facilities include: washing and drying machines, outdoor and indoor gyms, and bed linen provided twice a month.

Furthermore, my responsibilities at the university have to be honoured. I had to contact all my professors to ask about my lectures and exercises, they were all really nice to me. I have meetings with them periodically and most of the materials are in English. During the week I am pretty busy going to lectures, meeting with professors and studying.

Overall, Maribor is an interesting city for students. People here are often helpful and kind. And there are lots of things to do in the city despite its size. Another thing that comes in handy is the subsidized student meals system which gives us access to good food for a fair price.

In general, I am satisfied with my Erasmus+ experience so far. I am learning things I never thought I would learn, going to places I have never been to, and meeting different people with different points of view. All those aspects are helping me improve myself in many ways.

Milan Grujičić