Study program TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY lasts for 4 years, i.e. eight semesters and upon its completion 240 ECTS are awarded.

This degree program allows students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about how tourism and hotel management operates in our country, in the European Union and worldwide. The aim is to give students the necessary knowledge about modern business concepts such as management, marketing and other, as well as to provide them with opportunities to master all the techniques and skills that will provide them with the appropriate competence to perform numerous tasks in this field.

The program provides necessary and current knowledge from a wide field of tourism and hospitality, as well as the basis for further training which enables students upon their graduation to be ready to take an active role in the further development of tourism and hotel industry, both in our country and abroad.

Adoption of methodological, fundamental economic and other scientific disciplines, as well as the study of science-professional and professional-applicative group of subjects on the study program Tourism and Hospitality, students are enabled to successfully and independently carry out of related activities. It includes acquisition of theoretical and technical knowledge needed management, leadership, research, analytical and many other activities in all field business entities that participate directly or indirectly in the development of tourism in our country and in other countries.

Upon completion of the study program Tourism and Hospitality, student is qualified and has gained the competences to perform the following specific tasks as:

  • Manager of a hotel or its certain parts,
  • Head of a travel agency or its organizational units,
  • Research Assistant in tourism and corresponding fields enterprises as well as other in organizations at different levels,
  • Associate in the area of tourism in the public sector,
  • Organizer of public meetings and events,
  • Associate in the area of marketing in tourism company or public sector,
  • Teacher in the corresponding vocational schools,
  • Employee in insurance companies, banks, transport and commercial enterprises,
  • as well as in marketing and consulting agencies in the field of tourism.

Three study options are provided at the study programme Tourism and Hospitality. Each of them is characterized by a series of courses by which students’ interests are directed towards the relevant fields of study. Choosing one of them includes the corresponding courses from the list given below. More details is available on each study option webpage:


Students who complete this degree program acquire the title of a graduate economist.

List of courses:

Course ECTS
1 Psychology 6
2 Economics 8
3 Quantitative methods 8
4 Business informatics 8
5 Accounting 8
6 Tourism economics 8
7 Business communication 8
8 Engleski jezik 1 6
Course ECTS
1 Management 8
2 Marketing 8
3 Tourism and spatial planning 8
4 English language 2 6
5 Service marketing 8
6 I1 Elective course 6
7 I2 Elective course 8
8 I3 Elective course 8


I1 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 1 6
2 German language 1 6
3 Multimedia 6
4 Business skills 6


I2 Elective course ECTS
1 Organizational behavior 8
2 Hospitality softwares 8
3 Geography of health 8


I3 Elective course ECTS
1 Applied information systems in service sector 8
2 Applied information systems in production sector 8
Course ECTS
1 Hotel management 8
2 Tour agencies and tour-operator management 8
3 Business law 8
4 English language 3 6
5 Principles of nutrition and recreation 8
6 Tourism destination management 8
7 I4 Elective course 6
8 I5 Elective course 8


I4 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 2 6
2 German language 2 6
3 Graphic design 6
4 Fundamentals of project planning 6


I5 Elective course ECTS
1 Education and recreation in tourism 8
2 Digital tourism 8
3 Holistic medicine 8
Course ECTS
1 Entrepreneurship 8
2 Tourism and health 8
3 I6 Elective course 8
4 Internship 6
5 Investment 8
6 Natural and cultural resources management 8
7 I7 Elective course 8
8 I8 Elective course 6


I6 Elective course ECTS
1 Elective practical research in tourism 8
2 Elective practical research in hotel management 8


I7 Elective course ECTS
1 Event organisation and management 8
2 Resort and spa managment 8
3 International health management 8
4 Business Spanish language 8
5 Business German language 8


I8 Elective course ECTS
1 Business simulations  – marketing and management 6
2 Business simulations  – finance 6