If you are interested in what students have to say about their mobility experience – spending a period of time (days, weeks, semesters) at one of partner universities abroad within exchange programs our faculty is involved with (such as DAAD, Erasmus+, etc.) – this is the right place for you.

Here you can find their thoughts on studies and exams, life abroad (accommodation, finances, social life, culture aspect), what the academic exchange means for them, as well as their recommendations why other students (maybe you) should apply and take an active part in this experience our faculty provides our students with.


Our faculty students’ thoughts on experiences:

Natalija Branković, DHBW Ravensburg, 2023/24 

Miloš Arsenijević, DHBW Ravensburg, 2022/23 

Dejan Vujić, DHBW Ravensburg, 2021/22

Ivana Đurić, DHBW, Ravensburg, 2019/2020

Teodora Živanović, DHBW, Ravensburg, 2019/2020

Aleksandra Vilotić, DHBW, Ravensburg, 2018/2019

Vidoje Isailović, DHBW Ravensburg, 2018/2019

Teodora Lukić, DHBW Ravensburg, 2018/2019

Katarina Barzetović, DHBW Ravensburg, 2018/19

Tamara Đukanović, DHBW Ravensburg, 2017/2018

Milica Aćimović, DHBW Ravensburg, 2017/2018

Milica Vuksanović, Univerza v Mariboru, 2017/18

Vidoje Isailović, Univerza v Mariboru, 2017/18

Jelena Marković, Univerza v Mariboru, 2017/18 

Nevena Ilčešan, Univ. Hajnrih Hajne Diseldorf, 2017/2018

Jelena Tomić, DHBW Ravensburg, 2017/2018

Đurđa Rakić, DHBW Ravensburg, 2017/2018

Ana Gojković, DHBW Ravensburg, 2016/2017

Marija Đekić, DHBW Ravensburg, 2016/2017

Brankica Gvozdenić, Univerza v Mariboru, 2016/17

Sanja Bošković, Univerza v Mariboru, 2016/17

Milan Grujičić, Univerza v Mariboru, 2016/17


Foreign students’ thoughts on experiences in Valjevo:

Carlotta Shmitz, from HHU Dusseldorf, 2022/23

Pascal Leyens, from HHU Dusseldorf, 2022/23

Zorana Aleksić, from HHU Dusseldorf, 2021/2022

Alexandru Jemanean, Ștefan cel Mare University, Romania, 2019/20

Ion Lozovanu, Ștefan cel Mare University, Romania, 2019/20

Ricarda von Hebel, from HHU Dusseldorf, 2018/19