Reaching Belgrade

Valjevo is a city situated in Western Serbia, only 90km south-west of Belgrade. No matter how you reach Belgrade (by plane, bus, train), getting from Belgrade to Valjevo is quite an easy ride. If you chose a flight, you will definitely land to “Nikola Tesla” Airport in Belgrade (visit its website HERE). If an international train is your preference, the main train station is located in Belgrade city centre, just steps away from the main bus stations. Check the options by clicking HERE. Choosing a bus to reach Belgrade might be a good option bearing in mind the fact that your connecting ride leaves from the same station (check possibilities HERE).

Getting to Valjevo

Our International office will be of uttermost assistance upon your arrival in Serbia. Depending on how large a group of students arriving simultaneously is, a transport van or a mini-bus may be arranged. Still, it is quite a short ride from our capital to Valjevo. Here are some options:

  • Bus is maybe the most recommended option. It takes about 1h 45 min to reach Valjevo by bus. There are buses from Belgrade main bus stations leaving for Valjevo almost hourly. One-way price is about 5.5 EUR. You can check departure times on this LINK.
  • Train may be a cheaper but more adventurous option. It costs about 3.5 EUR to get from Belgrade to Valjevo and vice versa, but the journey lasts for about 2 or 2 and a half hours. Still, if you opt for this means of transport, look up the details on the LINK.

About the town

Valjevo, although not a small city (about 150,000 people with surrounding municipalities), is quite easy to get around. Usually, everything is within walking distance. However, there is a public bus transport which usually operates on hourly bases, and the fare is about 0.5 EUR. Details about the lines and providers are available on the following LINK1 and LINK2.

Another popular means of transport in Valjevo is taxi service. There are several providers, available 24/7, and the best thing about it is that is quite cheap. No matter where you go in Valjevo, the fare is in the range from 0.8 EUR to 1.8 EUR. Providers’ phone numbers are available on this LINK.