General information about your stay in the country

On the following link from the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia all necessary information on rights and obligations of foreign citizens can be found on this LINK.


Do you need entry Visa and how to obtain it?

Use the following LINK to check if you need a visa for Serbia.
Although in certain cases the country can be entered with ID cards only, students/staff on exchange are required to use their valid passports when entering the country because it is later necessary for obtaining mandatory temporary stay visa.


How to obtain a visa?

If you found out that you do need a visa, please follow this LINK to gather information how to obtain it.

All necessary documentation should be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia abroad. On the following LINK there is a list of Serbian embassies around the world. You can also use it if you have any questions or concerns regarding entering the country or your temporary stay as student/staff.


What do you need to enter the country?

On the following LINK you can find information on general entry requirements.


Temporary Stay

Temporary stay visa (residence permit) for legal stay in the Republic of Serbia is necessary for all academic exchange visitors. The general list of required documents, including specific documents for the stay in relation to academic exchange purpose, can be found on this LINK.

When you register at Department for International cooperation at our faculty in Valjevo, it is your obligation to register at the Office for Foreigners of the Ministry of Interior within 3 days upon your arrival. It is advisable to provide:

  • Valid passport
  • 2 photos (40 mm x 30 mm, colour)
  • Request form for issuing a temporary stay visa for foreign citizens – in Serbian: Zahtev za odobrenje privremenog boravka – za strance) 3 copies
  • Proof of paid submission fee for stay
  • Proof of accommodation (a certificate from the housing provider /hostel, dormitory, etc/, or personal presence of the flat owner in case of a private accommodation – „White card/ Beli karton“)
  • Certificate from our faculty about your admission and stay
  • CV in Serbian (The MIA RS Office for Foreigners reserves the right to ask for any additional documents, information or payments)
  • Proof that you have enough means to support yourself (Erasmus+ Agreement or a similar Document in which it is signed by your university that your financial support is covered for the period of your stay);
  • Proof that you have health insurance.

Also, if you need to stay for longer than 90 days, it is also necessary to provide justification of the request for temporary stay in accordance with the purpose of your temporary stay (details in the link above):

  • Certificate of the university or school attended (most commonly)