No matter whether you are incoming or outgoing student (student of our faculty in Valjevo), you need to go through a similar procedure and obtain similar documents.

Applications are open all year round, but the admissions period usually lasts, with breaks, from April to October.

Choose which category of students applies to you and find out which steps you need to take and documents you need to obtain. All of them are listed (numbers and letters) below:

  • Incoming exchange students: Usually Erasmus+ or a similar program students who wish to come from a foreign partner university to our faculty in Valjevo for a semester or other agreed period of time
  • Incoming International Students: A student from abroad who wishes to continue his/her studies at our faculty in Valjevo


  Procedure steps and documents
(numbers below)
Incoming exchange students 1-9 (excluding 7, 8) + 10, 11, 12 */ ***
Incoming International students Enrolling year 1 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 + additional documents upon request check the fees with the International office
Enrolling years 2-4 1-9 (excluding 2) + additional documents upon request


* Please, check with our international officer if any additional documents or procedure steps are necessary

** Check the deadlines on the faculty in Valjevo Website/ Agreements of cooperation for each individual university

*** Check deadlines detailes with International officer of our faculty in Valjevo. Usual final dates are:

  • for first/ winter semester: 1st July
  • for second/ summer semester: 20th November


Application procedure:

  1. For Incoming foreign exchange students coming to our faculty in Valjevo: Please, download and fill in the Application/Registration form HERE.
  2. Obtain (Erasmus+) Learning Agreement or list of available and agreed courses between your and our universities (from your International office at home university) and choose your study units/ courses.Provide list of courses with highlighted chosen courses.
  3. Obtain signature for the documents you receive from the university you are going to from International officer at your home university. A university stamp is also required.
  4. Request a Transcript of Records and Confirmation o enrolment from your home university. The transcript can be in any form including computer print outs from your university registry’s office. It must be written in English.
  5. An assessment of your English language skills is required, so you can either (choose 1 option):
  • send a document stating your English language knowledge level (CEFR), signed and stamped by English teacher from your home institution OR
  • send us a copy of any English language certificate you might have stating your CEFR level, but it shouldn’t be older than two years. You are obliged to send valid and true information in order to make your stay and studies viable, efficient and enjoyable!
  1. Make a copy of your identity document (identity card, passport).
  2. Obtain your Birth Certificate (together with valid translation in English).
  3. Obtain your high school diploma and transcripts of all courses and grades (together with valid translation in English).
  4. Prepare two photos (dimensions 3,5cm x 4,5cm)
  5. Check with a responsible embassy if you need a visa for the country and for the period of time you are staying in the foreign country (visa is sometimes not required for a certain period, but over a number of days it is necessary).
  6. Obtain proof that you are not prosecuted (uverenje da niste krivično gonjeni) from Ministry of interior/ Police department/ local court.
  7. Obtain travel and health insurance for the period of your stay in a foreign country from an insurance company of your choice.

The required documents must be sent by your International relations/ Erasmus+ coordinator to the email address of our International office. Also, all the original documents must be brought and submitted upon your arrival in Valjevo.