There are two options for finding accommodation in Valjevo. Although the international office will help you in every possible way during the process of finding your place to stay, here you are provided with links of possible facilities and accommodation establishments so you could find out more about them in advance or arrange your stay here yourself if you prefer it that way.

You can find a wide range of accommodation options on this LINK. Of course, our department is there for assistance.

Staying in a hostel is a really good option for an international experience. One (Hostel Beko) available in Valjevo can be reached through this LINK.

Another option is to use one of several accommodation establishments available in city. The facilities, their distance from the city center, fees and other details may be found on the following links:

Another option for accommodation during the studies in Valjevo is renting an apartment. Best available options that we recommend are found on

There are also agencies that are specialized in finding private accommodation. However, students can also do it on their own either via advertisements in newspapers or via web-sites such as:

An average price for an apartment in the city center ranges from 70 EUR to 200 EUR per month. Valjevo can be walked in thirty minutes, so basically all accommodation is suitable, some more, some less, depending on students’ preferences.