BUSINESS LAW study program is organized in a four-year period and upon graduation student is awarded 240 ECTS.

Eligible to enroll the program are the persons who have completed secondary education of all profiles. A candidate who applies for admission to the first year of study takes the aptitude examination test.

Program consists of compulsory and elective courses. Student may affect the structure of the study program with elective courses (which he/ she chooses), and therefore shapes his/ her academic profile.

Educational process at the program of study BUSINESS LAW is interactive, it necessarily involves practice, encourages students to think and be creativite, to independence in work and application of acquired knowledge. Students directly collaborate with course teachers, check the acquired knowledge in specialized classrooms, have the opportunity to exhibit the individual and team creativity and the development of critical thought and expression. The quality of the teaching process is ensured through the application of the following teaching methodical forms:

  • lectures,
  • practical exercises,
  • oral presentation on a given topic,
  • making project assignments and other technical papers and presentation,
  • discussion (the emphasis is on expression and critical thinking),
  • application of modern methods (case study …)
  • training students to work on the projects, as well as in teams,
  • internship,
  • regular monitoring of court cases at the primary and higher court,
  • visits to penal institutions for execution of criminal sanctions and the Institute of forensic medicine.


Students of this study program by acquisition of their diploma prove:

  • that are capable of independent and creative application of theoretical and practical knowledge that they acquired during the studies;
  • by relying on their knowledge about society and law, they use the expertise and scientific literature and relevant research methods, that they successfully argue the facts that should be taken into account when searching for answers;
  • they are capable of critical thinking and logical reasoning;
  • they are able to present their conclusions in a clear manner;
  • they possess the ability to pursue their studies/ further training in the field of law in a way they independently choose.

Students of this study programme are trained to start with the practical performance of complex juridical affairs in judiciary, public administration, law and business entities. The program provides a solid basis for further professional (eg. Bar exam) and scientific development (specialization, master and doctorate). The aim of the program is the construction of the student’s personality to become an individual with professional integrity.

After the successful completion of studies, student acquires the professional title of graduated lawyer.

List of courses:

Course ECTS
1 Psychology 6
2 Economics 8
3 Legal theory 8
4 Business informatics 8
5 Legal history 8
6 Roman law 8
7 English language 1 6
8 I1 Elective course 8


I1 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 1 6
2 German language 1 6
3 Business communication 6
Course ECTS
1 Family law and inheritance 8
2 Criminal law 8
3 Misdemeanour law 8
4 English language 2 6
5 Civil and property law 8
6 Intellectual property law 6
7 Constitutional law 8
8 I2 Elective course 6


I2 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 1 6
2 German language 1 6
3 Foundations of finance 6
4 Business skills 6
Course ECTS
1 Law of obligations 8
2 Administrative law 8
3 Labour law 8
4 English language 3 6
5 Public international law 8
6 Criminology with penology 6
7 Legal procedure law 8
8 I3 Elective course 6


I3 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 1 6
2 German language 1 6
3 Forensics 6
4 Fundamentals of project planning 6
Course ECTS
1 Commercial law 8
2 Tax law 8
3 I4 Elective course 8
4 English language 4 6
5 Private international law 8
6 Civil procedure law 6
7 I5 Elective course 8
8 I6 Elective course 8


I4 Elective course ECTS
1 Elective practical research – Civil law 8
2 Elective practical research – Criminal law 8


I5 Elective course ECTS
1 European Union law 8
2 Economy-financial regulations 8


I6 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 4 8
2 German language 4 8
3 International commercial law 8