Study program BUSINESS INFORMATICS lasts for 4 years, i.e. eight semesters and upon its completion 240 ECTS are awarded.

The program is designed for students interested in studying theoretical and practical aspects of application of modern IT concepts in the areas of finance, banking, accounting, tourism, management, marketing as well as numerous other areas.

Special attention is paid to the application and use of the Internet in these areas so that students are trained for the implementation of various aspects of e-business.

The goal is that after graduating from the study program, students acquire the ability for creative application of the latest techniques of computer science in the fields of economics. In addition, a student who completes this program will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • the design and implementation of business information systems,
  • management of information systems,
  • the development of software systems,
  • realization and maintenance of various types of databases,
  • administration of computer networks,
  • activities in the field of graphic design,
  • e-business transactions,
  • in the civil service and local government,
  • education of staff in the field of information technology in business.

The aim of this study program is to create a graduate business informatics experts who are capable and successful in applying acquired knowledge and skills in information technology, programming, design and graphic design, and thus are able to make themselves competitive in the global market environment. They will be qualified for creative problem solving, decision-making and implementation in various areas of business in the broadest sense of the word through the application of business informatics.

Through successful acquisition of various disciplines within the study program, students are trained for the design and implementation of software systems of varying complexity, using the latest programming languages. The acquired knowledge will enable them to independently work on the development of complex software systems through usage of the latest technology and by effectively using different methodologies. The end result is work with modern business systems along with the possibility of using Internet technologies. Therefore, they will be able to participate in teams for the development of modern multi-layer systems for different applications, as well as to execute the selection, implementation, implementation, integration and administration of information technology in the best possible manner.

Through the implementation of practical research, study and practice of business simulations, students are trained for the most complex operations of research, design, implementation and validation of business processes using modern software solutions.

Students who complete this degree program are awarded a Bachelor degree in business informatics.

The list of courses:

Course ECTS
1 Psychology 6
2 Economics 8
3 Quantitative methods 8
4 Business informatics 8
5 Accounting 8
6 Bases of computing technique 8
7 Multimedia 8
8 English language 1 6
Course ECTS
1 Management 8
2 Marketing 8
3 Methods of programming 8
4 English language 2 6
5 Data bases 8
6 I1 Elective course 6
7 I2 Elective course 8
8 I3 Elective course 8


I1 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 1 6
2 German language 1 6
3 Business communications 6
4 Visual programming 6


I2 Elective course ESPB
1 Service marketing 8
2 Business finance 8
3 Civil and property law 8
4 Algorithms and data structures 8
5 Business skills 8


I3 Elective course ESPB
1 Application of software in service sector 8
2 Application of software in production sector 8
Course ECTS
1 Business law 8
2 Programming languages 8
3 Information systems 8
4 English language 3 6
5 Computer networks 8
6 Internet as business environment 8
7 I4 Elective course 6
8 I5 Elective course 8


I4 Elective course ECTS
1 Spanish language 2 6
2 German language 2 6
3 Principles of nutrition and recreation 6
4 Graphic design 6


I5 Elective course ECTS
1 Financial reporting 8
2 Tourism destination management 8
3 Financial markets and intermediaries 8
4 Design of information systems 8
5 Fundamentals of project planning 8
Course ECTS
1 Entrepreneurship 8
2 Internet information systems 8
3 I6 Elective course 8
4 Internship 6
5 Operation systems 8
6 Internet applications 8
7 I7 Elective course 8
8 I8 Elective course 6


I6 Elective course ECTS
1 Elective practical research in information systems 8
2 Elective practical research in web technologies 8


I7 Elective course ECTS
1 Natural and cultural resources management 8
2 Tax law 8
3 Internet technologies 8
4 Economy-financial regulations 8
5 Spanish business language 8
6 German business language 8


I8 Elective course ECTS
1 Business simulations  – marketing and management 6
2 Business simulations  – finance 6