Food typical for Valjevo youth is available at almost every corner. Although it is all mostly fast food, the dishes are typically Balkan. Pljeskavica and ćevapi, as well wide range of barbecue (roštilj), are an absolute must, while a variety of bakery products, Serbian pancakes etc., awaits even those hungry in the middle of the night. Nice little local restaurants where you can eat local homemade specialities for a very reasonable price are also out there. More modern and posh establishments are also widely available and the prices are quite acceptable. If you prefer making your own meals, supermarkets, groceries, and most importantly, green markets with fresh fruits and vegetables from surrounding villages are open daily and all located in the city centre.

Free time

Valjevo is a place where you can absolutely enjoy spending your free time. It is a green city which lies on two rivers. There are numerous cafes and the ones near the Kolubara river are the most popular ones for daytime drinks with friends. The river bank is a perfect place for all day and night solitary walks, walks with pets or friends. Valjevo is a city of parks, which are very popular with young people – a well-liked night-out destination, a place for those sports-inclined or for just enjoying the greenery and peace.

Valjevo is a place of sports – everybody does one. Join one of many gyms or aerobics groups, biking clubs, go to a football match, play tennis at Pećina tennis courts, go running, go swimming in indoor pool, play basketball, volleyball, even parkour at parks, sport halls or designated outdoor facilities– everything is available. Valjevo is especially an adventure sports inclined city. For example, there is an indoor free-climbing rock, while during the spring, summer and autumn months countless hours can be spent at a perfect natural rock Grdoba, just 20 minutes’ ride out of the city. The city free-climbing group is at your disposal. Even speleology, parachuting, cave-diving are viable, even popular options.

Valjevo is also a city of astounding natural beauty. Nearby village Petnica is brimmed with locations to visit and to spend your time on – sports center with a swimming pool complex, Petnica Cave, Petnica lake (swimming and fishing), Petnica research center etc. The Gradac River canyon is a protected area, a real oasis of greenery and shade during hot summer months; river bank beaches with cafes are perfect place for nature retreat.

If you are more into skiing, hiking, mountaineering, photographing, mountain-biking, herb-gathering, sightseeing, then the fact that Valjevo is surrounded with a range of mountains is good news for you. Explore, camp, enjoy.

Culture zone

Valjevo being one of the most important towns during Turkish rule in Serbia is characterized by many cultural landmarks. Tešnjar, old Turkish part of the city, is still preserved, but now very popular for youth nights out. Valjevo national museum will present a third dimension of the past – a view form the future, as its permanent exhibition is called, of all periods of Valjevo’s rich history, from prehistorical times, through Turkish rule, the crucial role of Valjevo in the WWI and WWII. The Nenadović Tower, still well-preserved, is a place of exhibitions as well as a plateau for concerts and other musical and theatrical events. Brankovina village complex is an astounding sight of a preserved typical Serbian village from XVIII century. In addition, there are numerous events organized throughout the year that mark the life of the citizens of Valjevo. In a nutshell, this is a city of rich historical and cultural heritage of which it is still proud of.


As everywhere in Serbia, nightlife is very lively in Valjevo, too. Numerous cafes, a few clubs with folk music, several rock cafes and pubs, typical last century inns, parks are all famous for a great time out all year round. Valjevo is proud to have so many local bands and a traditional jazz festival is eagerly expected every year. All you need to do is join.

Welcome to Valjevo!