Courses offered in English are aimed at exchange students from partner universities and students who wish to study in English at our higher education institution. A range of courses from various departments are available for international students.

Please, note that courses are subject to change.

It is possible due to various currently applicable circumstances that a course is not held, or that it is held in a different semester. An updated list of courses in English offered at a particular period of your interest is available upon request from the Department for international cooperation. By contacting the Department details as well as adaptation of circumstances may be possible. There is more than one possibility:

  • the classes are held in English for both domestic and international students,
  • the classes are held only for foreign students if there is a group large enough,
  • the classes are held individually (mentorship) with the teacher if only one or a couple of students are interested in the course (although the real feel of classes with fellow students, group and project work is missed out in this case)

 Additional value of the studies is blended learning applied at the faculty. It represents a hybrid or mixed-mode learning where a web-based online learning is integrated with traditional face-to-face instruction. For that purpose, every course has its own Course page where interaction is possible between students and students and teachers. It also allows students to approach the topics in more depth and meaning in their own time, place, path or pace.

The Catalogue of all undergraduate and master academic courses available at our faculty can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Other courses may be available as well. Please browse through our undergraduate programs of study and contact our International cooperation department for more details. Additional courses may be organized if there is enough interest expressed in time enough for organization.

 There is also an opportunity for attending courses under similar circumstances at Singidunum University based in Belgrade. All information is available on this LINK.



For more information, please, contact the Department for International Cooperation

Doc. dr Ivana Damnjanovic, Vice-dean for international cooperation –

Nataša Mirković, MA, International officer –