The Faculty of Health, Legal and Business Studies forms the Committee of student selection for the Erasmus+ mobility. The Committee assesses academic and interpersonal competences of all the candidates and reaches the decision on nominated, selected and waitlisted students, which is signed by all the members.

The Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Head of the department/study program who nominates exchange students
  • English language teacher
  • Vice-dean for international cooperation
  • Dean
  • Vice dean


The selection procedure is conducted in the above-stated direction:

  1. Head of the department/study program the student applies from is in charge of:
  • direct mobility promotion among students of the corresponding study program
  • informing students about the mobility details
  • interviewing selected/interested students
  • submitting the official list of nominated students to the Vice-dean for international cooperation
  1. English language teacher assesses the language level of all enlisted students and decides on who meets the criteria of the partner institution.
  2. According to the previous levels of selection, Vice dean for international cooperation arranges the meeting with all Committee members. Committee members make the final selection of students nominated by the Faculty and decide which foreign partner university each student should attend, design the mobility timeframe and form a student wait list. The decision is signed by all the Committee members.
  3. This is followed by a complex procedure within the Department for International Cooperation (student nominations for foreign university, related paperwork, preparing students for cultural challenges, arranging meetings with students who previously attended the corresponding university, correspondence with foreign universities, etc.)