Incoming students are supported on several levels.

As for the accommodation, transport and overall organization of students’ academic and personal life, Department of international cooperation together with the Departments responsible for individual programmes of study provide all-time available support.

Some of the students of our faculty Valjevo do their traineeship within the Department of international cooperation.


  • students of tourism and hospitality may help with the accommodation, transport, getting around and free time activities;
  • students of finance and banking may help towards all financial aspects of life in Serbia (providing healthcare and other insurance, available banks and services and the like);
  • students of information technologies may help the incoming students with any technical issues (providing internet, buying, repairing and maintaining equipment such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc., obtaining mobile phone numbers and all available opportunities and options in that area);
  • students of business law may provide help for any administrative legal aspects of the stay (applicable permits and the like);
  • students of nursing can be very helpful regarding medical services in the town.
  • They are all regularly supervised by their teaching staff and Department of international cooperation.


Regarding academic life, our faculty nurtures mentorship approach. With that in line, each incoming student has a teacher/professor who is regularly available in person, by phone or e-mail.

At our faculty a close collaboration with students is nurtured, so teaching staff is not only available, but expect students to regularly contact them (usually via e-mail for scheduling meetings). Department for international cooperation supervises the stay and progress of each student on a weekly bases and is regularly available for meetings or any other form of contacting.

In addition to the meetings scheduled to suit students’ and his/her other responsibilities, all academic staff have 2 hours of obligatory consultation periods with students weekly which are reserved for both local and incoming students.