Sustainable travel guidebook for Serbia

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Promo video about a green passport HERE.


What is Green Passport?

The Green Passport is a guidebook for sustainable travel in Serbia. It provides advice on sustainable travel. Before its publication in Serbia, the following countries had published their own national versions: Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa and non-European areas of France. Therefore, Green Passport for Serbia is the first on the continent and the sixth in the world bearing the renowned UNEP brand.

Green passport for Serbia is an opportunity for our country to promote sustainable tourism and, following in the footsteps of developed tourist destination, meet a real need in the tourism market of our country. This publication contributes towards state’s efforts to implement the principles of sustainability in tourism and other areas.


Who created Green Passport?

Green passport Serbia was written, designed and enriched with their own photos by teachers and students of the Faculty of business Valjevo, Singidunum University respecting the requirements of the passport original version, with regard to the specificities of our country.
Then, the agreement of cooperation on this project was signed with UNEP in 2012.


Why Green Passport?

This publication is aimed at both existing and potential tourists who travel in the country and it educates tourists about the principles of sustainability when travelling. The aim of the Green Passport is to change not only the tourist perception of natural and cultural resources of our country, but also the behaviour of tourists.

The publication contains pieces of advice for activities during a trip, including the preparations and return home. Using these pieces of advice tourists could increase the quality of the travelling experience, while contributing to the conservation of natural and cultural resources used for tourism purposes. Every advice given by Green Passport is supported by examples of various destinations in Serbia, local food, hidden traditions and its unique customs.


As a part of its promotional activities, Green Passport team entertained and educated about 100 visitors at the 2013 Tourism Fair in Belgrade taking them to sustainable travel in Serbia through a virtual interactive game organized at the stand. By making their own travel decisions all visitors learned about the difference between their own sustainable travel awareness and knowledge on one hand and real needs this kind of tourism means has on the other.



Green passport team was awarded by the portal VisitSerbia at the 2013 Tourism Fair in Belgrade for its efforts invested in the implementation and promotion of the concept of sustainable travel in Serbia.



The national initiative was supported by the corresponding ministry of Serbia and national Tourism organization, as well as a huge number of media in 2012, all of whom the Green passport team is thankful.



Green passport is a never-ending story as the concept of sustainability it supports is. It is its goal to be present and available in every tourism organisation in Serbia and in hands all those travelling in our country.


Support is needed for turning the electronic version into printed. This is what the three existing printed Green passports look like.


Therefore, if you feel strongly for the cause, would like to propose collaboration, a new project or provide ever needed support, you are kindly invited to contact the project team members:


Project coordinator – dr Ivana Damnjanović (

Active team members:

Nenad Ikonić (

Jelena Bošković (

Milan Plavšić (

Design: Marko Jakić

or the mail address:


The Green passport has been an inspiration for the team members who are now gathered in NGO Green mark involved with projects that continue to spread the idea rooted in Green passport. To find out more about the NGO and its activities, follow this LINK.


Together we create a new energy of travel!