The Faculty of Health and Business Studies forms the Committee of participant selection for the Erasmus+ mobility. The Committee assesses academic and interpersonal competences of all the candidates and reaches the decision on nominated, selected and waitlisted Erasmus applicants, which is signed by all the members.

The Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Faculty President
  • Dean
  • Vice-dean for international cooperation
How to apply

Send an email to the Department for international cooperation ( i indicating the published call for applications and details within it.

The selection criteria
  • English language level: B2 (CEFR)
  • Corresponding field of expertise (applications that do not correspond to the mobility call shall not be taken into consideration)
  • Active participation in hosting academic staff from foreign partner universities during their stay at our Faculty
  • Willingness to actively participate in teaching foreign exchange students at our Faculty (offering courses in English in the course catalogue and their realization)
  • Active support and promotion of Erasmus+ mobility program with the students
The selection procedure
  1. Department for International Cooperation
  • Conducts a survey of preferences of Faculty staff and students on opportunities for international mobilities existing at a selected period of time – this survey represents an official invitation for exchange application since it lists currently available mobilities at partner universities;
  • Publishes official call for application on the Faculty website together with all necessary information about the mobility;
  • In accordance with study programs corresponding to the applicants’ field of expertise and the number of available mobilities, the Department creates a mobility plan which is forwarded to Faculty management for approval or adaptation.


  1. The Faculty management (President and Dean) approve or revise the mobility plan and inform the Department for International Cooperation about the final decision.
After the selection
  • Based on the signed Decision a complex procedure within the Department for International Cooperation follows (participants’ nominations to the corresponding foreign university, related paperwork, correspondence with foreign universities, etc.)
  • Each professor independently continues the procedure by: booking their transport and accommodation, filling in and preparing all necessary paperwork in English, preparing their teaching materials, filling in reports and other activities indicated by both partner and home university departments for international cooperation.