My Erasmus+ Experience: Ricarda live from Valjevo

U okviru Erasmus+ projekta mobilnosti koji Fakultet zdravstvenih, pravnih i poslovnih studija realizuje sa Univerzitetom Heinrich Heine iz Dizeldorfa, Nemačka, studentkinja master studija iz oblasti ljudskih resursa sa ovog partnerskog univerziteta, Ricarda von Hebel, provodi letnji semestar 2019. godine u našem Valjevu. Sa nama je podelila svoje prve utiske i doživljaje tokom svog boravka na našem fakultetu i gradu. Uživajte u čitanju:

Valjevo, Srbija
april, 2019.godine


My first weeks as an exchange student in Valjevo

On the second of March my adventure finally started. Early in the morning I went to the airport, the weather was very stormy and I was afraid that my flight would maybe not go. But everything went very smoothly. At the Airport in Belgrade I directly found the public bus going to the bus station and from there I caught the bus to my new home for the next four month – Valjevo.

Two very kind and excited girls were waiting for me to welcoming me. Since we had a bit of time until I could move into my apartment, I got shown around the city and we had a coffee at a nice spot along the river. Afterwards they brought me to my apartment where I am sharing a flat with 8 other girls.

The next day I got picked up from my new home to walk together to the faculty where I met many more people, e.g. the coordinator for the Erasmus project, other students who have also been studying abroad with Erasmus as well as some professors. After getting to know each other and got shown around the faculty, we went to a café and had a chance to talk a bit more to each other. Besides three modules which I am attending in my master degree of business economic here, I am also helping in the English and German lessons as well as participating in the Spanish course. Thus I have the great chance to get to know more people and also getting closer to the Serbian culture. For example in our Spanish lesson we cooked three different typical meals from Serbia, Spain and Germany.

During my first week I also met three more girls who came to Valjevo for an AIESEC project. That evening we were invited to have pancakes together in a friends’ house. The next couple of days we were going out in Kafana, went partying to Serbian music – which I still have to get used to – as well as visiting the city Užice.

All in all I have had three very exciting and thrilling weeks so far. I feel warmly welcomed here and I am really looking forward to the next three months and to more adventures!

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