International office of Faculty of business Valjevo contributes towards efforts of the faculty to provide its students with experiences and opportunities to enrich not only their students’ life, but their prospects of employment after graduation or even during their studies. This is another component of development of entrepreneurial spirit with our students and academic community – gaining experience, exchanging knowledge and good practice, collaboration, networking, gaining cultural insight, acquiring international certificates and diplomas, increasing employability and competitiveness at labour market are only some of the aspects mobility provides.

Student Mobility implies attending one or more semesters of an undergraduate or postgraduate study programme at a foreign university. There are two types of student mobility: exchange and full degree seeking (international students).

Exchange students are those students who, based on the agreements of their university and a partner foreign university, spends one or more semesters studying at the partner university as a part of his/her own study programme (the effort is officially recognized).

International students actually enrol a foreign university right after their high school or pursue their postgraduate studies at a university abroad. They do not need to seek their previous educational institution partners from abroad, but choose under their own preferences or opportunities.

Students at home university – host students– are available for any service during the stay of international or exchange students to make their stay more pleasant, culturally richer and more enjoyable, academically more successful. They are organized in teams during their internship and are coordinated by Department of international cooperation of the Faculty of business Valjevo.

If you have any interest in:

  • becoming our exchange student,
  • becoming our full-degree student,
  • participating in international activities and broaden your experience and network as a host student,
  • working on international projects with the Faculty of business Valjevo as a foreign university or a local youth group,
  • starting a partnership as two higher education institutions,
  • finding any information you would like about the faculty and starting cooperation

International office is at your disposal. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.

Dr Ivana Damnjanović – Head of department of international cooperation


phone: +381 14 292 610