Students are obliged to inform themselves about the details on the faculty website and follow the steps explained there.

When a student officially applies his / her achievements, personality, experience and overall impression is very carefully checked with (for each interviewed aspect, staff usually provides a grade on the scale 1-5):

  • Students’ service for all his/ her grades and courses attended, financial aspect of the student’s studies
  • Professors and other teaching staff on the core programme courses, especially in the area of the courses the student is applying to attend at the host university (grades, classes attendance, project work, responsibility and reliability, dedication, teamwork, etc.)
  • Head of the department responsible for the study programme the student attends for any additional information regarded the achievements as well as challenges when collaborating with the student
  • the student’s mentor (member of the teaching staff) for any additional information on the student’s achievements, aspirations, plans, as well as potential or existing problems or challenges, personality traits, etc.
  • English (and if required Spanish and German) language teachers for additional information on the student’s language level – specific skills inclinations, strong sides and areas for improvement
  • an interview with the Head of the department for international cooperation
  • When all answers are put into a students’ profile together with all the interviewed staff’s recommendations and all the grades added, the student is also compared to other applied students (if meets the requirements) and the final decision is made
  • the faculty Dean gives final approval of the decision.